by Matanuska

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The long-awaited debut album from Matanuska!


released April 5, 2014

All songs written and performed by Matanuska.
Banjo on Beast in the Cellar performed by Grant Rae.



all rights reserved


Matanuska Scotland, UK

Hailing from Scotland rather than sunny Alaska, Matanuska play a form of heavy, guitar-driven, controversy-infused, progressive groove metal that only Matanuska can deliver. This "beefy as f***" 3-piece are not afraid of a sombre moment or two, but even their more delicate moments are often laced with vulgarity. ... more

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Track Name: Dragged to the Alter
Track Name: Cult of Ba'al
Transcend the flames, Transcend the pain
A cruel world free from desire
The cult of Ba’al, destroy them all
And for our god, we die tonight
A serpent’s wish,
The dragon’s kiss
And now the time
Take her away

An evil priest, the tragic feast
And now the time, come sacrifice
The cult of Ba’al destroy them all
And for our god, they die tonight
A serpent’s wish
The dragon’s kiss
Another life
Swallowed by flame
Track Name: The Alleyway
Don’t want to hear it
Don’t want to know your name
I like your style girl
Why don’t you come with me
I’m going to take you to my place
It’s a place of pleasure, sorrow and pain

Why don’t you beg me please
Get down on your knees

Come to my alleyway
We are gonna play
To my alleyway
You will scream my name

Jennifer, Emily or Jane
It doesn’t matter
Because it’s all the same
Two shots of Jager, a bottle of champagne
Take me to heaven
I’ll take you to hell and back again

Panties by your knees
Won’t you beg me please

Come to my alleyway
We are gonna play
To my alleyway
Never be the same

At that place by the sea
At that place I’ll always be
Every Saturday, by the bar
I’m going to take you
Behind the cars
Track Name: Falling From the Sky
Falling angels from the sky
But you won’t wonder why
Your life will be the price
Take a look, your book of sin
But they won’t let you in
Seek the man who will be king

Too late to take your vows
No god can save you now

To the sky you clutch your cross
But the time will be lost
Your life will be the cost
Stick to your book of lies
Your twisted paradise
It’s the end of your life

Now they’re falling from the sky ( x4 )

Through the street the horsemen ride
The end is coming neigh
It all stops tonight
Through the slick and blood-soaked streets
Hear the sick and twisted screams
It’s the day of defeat
Falling from the sky ( x6 )
Falling from the…
Track Name: Black Beetle
The black beetle’s in the sky
And your time will pass you by
A darkness within the trees
A haunting familiar breeze
In the setting of the sun
The black beetle he will come
All the demons on the run
A black beetle overcomes

The black beetle
Time to testify
The black beetle
Life will be the price

Take the beetle for a ride
And he will change, change your life
In the shadows standing tall
And you will never ever fall
For the demon’s forever tall
But the time comes for us all

The black beetle
A time to testify
The black beetle
Life will be the price
Track Name: Electric Hell
Sitting staring at my screen
Dreaming of reality
You know this life, it aint so bad
Show me things I just can’t have

Leave me here in misery
Why won’t they let me be
But all these things you’re giving me
They won’t set me free

I am your life, I am your dream
A living nightmare
Your fantasy
You are my slave, I hold the key
I am the architect of your misery

Down here I have you
Wired into me
I have your heart
Glued to the screen

It’s electric hell
It’s electric hell
One more soul to sell

I am the one, I’m what you need
I am your life, I am your greed
I am the hope inside your dreams
I am the master of reality

Down here I have you
Wired into me
I am the one
Your every dream

It’s electric hell
It’s electric hell
One more soul to sell
Track Name: The Wire
Writing, I’ve seen the writings on the wall
Its time to take your stand and let those bastards burn
Walking, you know we walked on broken glass
I’ll take our lives in chains and give it to their brats

Life, as strange as your desire
But time is short, and we’re living on a wire

Hardest, I’ll make the hardest of them fall
And we can break them down no matter how tall
Life, your life slips from control
And soon your time will come and then you’re going to crawl

You know I want it now
I want to see you fall
You know it’s coming now
You’re gonna crawl

A grumbling among the masses
The end is coming soon
The death of a system
Now revolution looms
Track Name: Killing the Man
Insular, secular
Walled up in the mind
Head held high
Force-fed a nursery rhyme
Plastic power struggle
Covering all the bases
Another grey December
In a world that never changes

Victims of the rouse, simplicity holds true
Paper crisp is shaking hand
You’re killing the man

Ruthless, powerful
Fortress in the sky
Kept in lies
A slave until you die
Catatonic vision
Covering all their faces
Another fairy tale
In a world that never changes

Victims of the rouse, simplicity holds true
Paper crisp is shaking hand
You’re killing the man
Track Name: Liquid Gold
Life lived in a bottle
A choice that’s easy to swallow
In a heart of liquid gold
It will take you, beat you
Leave you in the streets till your blood runs cold

Your heart’s gone cold
Liquid gold

Blisters on your face
Life a complete disgrace
Searching for the fuel that keeps you alive
Begging on the streets
Knocking down the doors
All for a fix of your liquid gold

Your heart’s grown cold
Liquid gold
Track Name: Memento Mori
March of time but I can’t find
So lost inside my mind
Cold chill, a frozen rain
Nothing left to kill the pain
Memories of a distant past
Of a time that love would last
All is lost like melting snow
Now I’m trapped out in the cold

The memory of you and I
Of a love that never dies

Slow clock of ticking time
Only witness to our crimes
There he stood but now no more
Now he’s trapped behind the door
Keep on searching but you won’t see
Only love will hold the key
Fall down on bended knee
Thinking of what used to be

The memory of you and I
Of a love that never dies

But still alive inside
With no reasons left to try
The memories of you and I
But even love…
Even love must die

Never thought you’d say goodbye
Never thought I’d wonder why
Never thought that I could cry
Never thought I’d want to try

Memento mori
Even love…
Even love must die
Track Name: March of the Pig
The sound of distant screams
Forever soothe his righteous mind
Another day in heaven’s black
Killed by the wrath of our kind
Toxic pursuit of justice
The right wing spreads his blood and gore
The march of the pig
A trail of blood across the shore

The rats seek sea for shelter
Try to escape this sickly cull
Forever engraved their innocence
Their futures now annulled
Cut them down with wicked axe
Every bullet’s an icy blade
The march of the pig
Send them all to the grave

All is quiet on the shore tonight
A fallen angel in the hero’s fight
The lacerations they glisten in the night

A mother’s horror when she sees her son
A father’s horror when he sees the gun
A bitter justice, the devil’s won

March, March of the pig ( x4 )
Track Name: Thunderfuck
Deep inside a dream
Shaken from a magic leaf
The crystal falls like snow
Get up you’re ready to go
Pursuit of perfection
Mankind’s directions
Rolling desire
Erect your funeral fire

You’ve been thunderfucked ( x4 )

Lungs full of smoke
Life through a cloud of dope
A trip of the mind
Take you further than any ride
Pursuit of perfection
Mankind’s infection
Rolling desire
Stoking your funeral fires
Track Name: Beast in the Cellar
In the shadows the secrets lie
Through the walls the sound of cries
A family of forgotten souls
Hidden in a darkened hole
Once a week the beast arrives
Torments the lives that he’s disguised
Twenty years now out of control
Hidden in a place called home

Once a week the beast comes down
Through the doors and underground
Looking for his love so dear
In his den of hate and fear
In the corner there she lies,
All the pain she can’t disguise
All the children run in fear
Because they know that Daddy’s here

Steel doors and magnetic locks
Bricks walls and daddies cock
A frozen mattress, A windowless cell
Tale of a life lived in hell
Of a love gone horribly wrong
Trapped in this dungeon for so long
Daddy’s girls now a concubine
Incestuous children, forbidden life
Four loves born of desire
The fifth one burned in fire
Grandfather, father’s one and the same
Products of his twisted game
If I were free, if I could see the light
But I’m trapped in this endless night
I wish for a hero, I wish for a spell
But nothing can save from this hell

In a corner naked and hurt
A daughter lies in incestuous rut
She wished for the hero, she wished for a spell
But nothing can save from this hell